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By Vilain Giant Comb

In stock

By Vilain Giant Comb is a must-have for all men. It’s anti-static and keeps your hair in place. A perfect solution for men with thick, mid-length to long hair.

Ships in 8 hours, 37 minutes.
€ 14.00



The Giant Comb from By Vilain creates amazing texture and strokes your waves into shape. On wet hair, the wide teeth gently detangle, avoiding damage and breakage. On dry hair, the anti-static carbon coating creates amazing definition, texture and shine. A flick of this comb is all you need!


Carbon Fiber

Customer Reviews

5 anmeldelser

Review by: Aaron

Overpriced Chinese plastic

I wouldn't waste your time with this product. It's advertised as a premium product, but its really just overpriced Chinese plastic and manufacturing. I bought the three pack of comb/ brush set. I calmed my nerves believing that the premium price I'm paying to Slikhaar, instead of going to my local professional hair product store would be justified once I receive my order. I should've trusted my instinct. Because of the pandemic the shipping took a bit longer than expected. I don't hold this against slikhaar by any means. Upon delivery. Opening the box was nice. All black interior, a sample of hair product a few flyers and then the combs. Looking at the plastic sleeves over the combs was the moment my buyers remorse begun to kick in. It's the type of cheap plastic that the local thrift store uses to resell items. For a premium product. This is just not acceptable. The giant comb was the first thing I unboxed. It was relatively heavy, maybe not a bad thing, however for $5 less there was a carbon fiber option that I wish I would've purchased instead. The "by Vilain" logo print is peeling off! I tried convincing my wife that it was a printing effect, but the other two products (original comb and skeleton brush) had inconsistent blemishes that indicated to us that this wasn't a special printing effect. I tried slikhaar to give a brand that I'm not familiar with a shot. If this set I purchased wasn't priced and advertised as a premium product. I'd have no issue, however I can't stand for the dishonesty, won't support it and it needs to be known. Save your money and shop somewhere else. That's my advise.
Review by: CAKIR, v

The best

if you have this brush it only makes supper purchase easy BEST
Review by: Amir


Veary nice
Review by: Alexander

Nice comb

This comb is perfect for detangling my thick hair, it's anti-static and has a nice grib
Review by: Dan

Great comb!

I have ridiculously thick hair, and so I need a comb with big teeth. I had a comb with thiner teeth, but it broke pretty fast. This comb seems solid, and it works for me.
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