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SLIKHAAR hair products are developed to give you the confidence to express your individuality and create hairstyles that suit you. You’ll be surprised how much impact a good hairstyle can have! Our 6 must-have products embrace all hair-related needs. From care to prep, styling, and finish, we've got all the stuff you need to invent a style that’s all yours… making each day and night as exceptionel as you are. Find all you need to know about each product here.

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For 10 years, it’s been SLIKHAAR’s main goal to inspire men around the world to be the best version of themselves. With a passion for hairstyling and grooming, SLIKHAAR set out to gain acceptance in male maintenance, giving all men out there the confidence to start caring about their appearance and ultimately look their best.


SLIKHAAR. Perhaps you’ve heard of it before? Or maybe you know of the two founders, Emil and Rasmus? Either way, here’s the true story behind the success: 10 years ago, Emil and Rasmus set out to change the world. Not “the world” in its entirety, but more specifically the male grooming industry.
After 3 years in the business working with other brands, they decided to start over on their own. Being entrepreneurs from a young age, there was no holding them back. With only each other to depend on, they jumped right into their own business adventure. Determined to do things differently, they pioneered the ‘how-to tutorials’ genre on YouTube and simultaneously created SLIKHAAR which comprises of:

  • 1. an online community with + 2 million members*
  • 2. an online shop with handpicked products
  • 3. a professional hair salon
  • 4. two complete product lines.

As you can probably guess, SLIKHAAR is now a complete team of talented people working together to stay true to our philosophy: inspire people to be the best version of themselves.

*Fun fact: Slikhaar TV was one of the first channels on YouTube to create how-to-tutorials and hairstyling videos. That was a brand-new thing at the time and being first movers meant that we helped shape the growing genre that video-tutorials on YouTube are today. We’ve been an inspiration to many – creators and companies – and to us, that’s amazing.